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Since 1977, Hough Associates, Inc. has provided multiple services  which have now grown to offer a broad range of services including; Mechanical, Instrumentation, Process, Electrical, and Integration.  We provide these services primarily to the Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Refining, and Horticultural Industries.

Hough Associates, Inc. works on the behind the scenes operations.  We focus our attention on every detail, providing extensive reporting and analysis on each full spectrum project and we adhere to our persevering approach resulting in our ability to successfully handle projects from front end loading to completion. 

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What Makes Hough Associates, Inc. A Remarkable Company?

Chief Project Officer –
Each client is assigned a Chief Project Officer who is the one point contact, senior engineer or project manager to personally ensure the success of your project through constant communication and technical assistance from beginning to end.

Senior Level Experience On Every Project –
When you partner with Hough you can feel secure in knowing that each Chief Project Officer has over 25 years of experience.

The Hough Process – Hough Associates Inc. delivers a full service process from front end loading through designing to training, troubleshooting, repairing and fabrication of custom control panels through start-up. The process consists of: specifications (specs) and scheduling, program­ming with start-up and check-out assistance, end­ing with complete documentation and operator and engineer training.

HAL™ (Hough Associates Library) – This is an online document storage, scheduling and management system for our full spectrum projects. HAL™ provides a detailed schedule of the Chief Project Engineer’s timeline and acts as a space for editing and storage of specs or other project related documents.

Rapid Response Team™ – The Hough Associates Rapid Response Team™ has a reputation for being there when they are needed. Especially in critical situations when our clients need to get back online. Whether it is in the middle of the night, or on a Sunday afternoon, when it’s critical for our client, it’s critical for us.

Realistic Scheduling – Through a detailed strategic engineering assessment of each project we are able to give you a realistic schedule and timeline. We will work to meet the client’s needs.

The Hough Matrix – Hough Associates takes a matrix approach to fulfilling project requirements. We have a group of reputable, experienced companies that we partner with in order to successfully complete individual projects.

Persevering Approach – In our business we often see work that others have given up on. Hough Associates takes a Persevering Approach. In over 30 years, Hough Associates has never walked away from a project that was unfinished. If a difficult job comes our way, we will do what is necessary to successfully complete it. We have successfully started up and completed projects from which other companies have walked away.

Strategic Engineering Assessment – In the beginning of each engagement we offer and highly recommend a Strategic Engineering Assessment. This study includes the feasibility of the project and scopes out the steps we feel are necessary to complete your project successfully, without delay or difficulty.

Return On Investment Analysis – The most important thing in business is the bottom line. Each of our full spectrum clients receives an ROI analysis in the beginning of each engagement to prove how working with Hough Associates, Inc. will benefit their bottom line.

Cost Savings Analysis –
Hough Associates, Inc. offers a cost savings analysis to any of our clients, at any point during the engagement. One additional way that proves how we can benefit your bottom line.

Restorative Package – In our industry, we have become known as the “clean-up experts.” We will assess the situation that was left by the others, provide a strategic engineering assessment and then get right to work.

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